Paw Joy


I have observed that dogs have mastered contentment. They are fulfilled, forgiving, and know how to have fun. I believe that we could learn a lot from dogs.
They cultivate joy with such spontaneity. I am sure you have at least observed a dog in play. My dog Linus, runs in circles, jumps, dodges, and cajoles me and my other dog Lucy to play. His face lights up with pure freedom and joy. I think he is able to do this because he fully immerses himself in the moment. He is not worried about yesterday, or thinking about tomorrow. He is in the NOW.
Dogs also impart joy. Have you ever been greeted by your dog at the end of a day? I have. And it is amazing. My dogs rush up to me wiggling, jumping, and barking. They welcome me home with enthusiasm and joy which in turn brings me joy. If only we greeted one another with such enthusiasm.

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